Introduction-Christian Brothers Centre for Retreats, Camps & Workshops.




The Christian Brothers Centre is an Eco-Spirituality Centre. The Centre’s visioning line is “There will be Peace on Earth when we are at Peace with the Earth”. Our aim is for youth groups, young adults and adult groups to have an opportunity and an experience of living in harmony with nature, to experience a sense of “mystery” and “wonder” and to deepen their understanding of God so as to live a more harmonious life personally and become involved in social justice issues and care of the earth. Two words would describe what the Centre is all about - “contemplation” and “compassion”.


The Centre aims to be a ‘living and learning experience’ in line with the vision we have for the Centre, for those people and groups spending time here. There is a well-stocked library at the Centre Office. There are books and DVD’s on Spirituality, the Universe story, Creation and Reconciliation, Sustainability, Economics, History and the Natural Environment and the Great Outdoors. All new and renovated buildings are built so as to save on energy and water use. Solar panels for generating electricity that is stored in batteries, solar panels for heating the water in the geysers, the filtration of the grey water from basins and showers and then recycling the water through toilets, natural lighting and airflows in rooms, insulation in walls and ceilings – these are some of the sustainability initiatives incorporated into the buildings.  Groups are asked to separate ‘waste’ so that recycling and composting can be carried out. Reduction in the amount of ‘waste’ produced is encouraged. There is a vegetable garden and a small number of fruit trees have been planted.


The grounds and buildings are simple and beautiful and all groups are encouraged to use the facilities responsibly, with care and with thought and gratitude. Come away with a deeper sense of wonder and gratefulness for the gift of each day, the gift of our mother Earth and the gift of each creature and our fellow human beings.