Engage! Sabbatical


An 8–week sabbatical

organized by

the Christian Brothers

in Stellenbosch (near Cape Town), 

South Africa.


An 8-week programme of different modules aimed at facilitating a more wholesome engagement with life.

Organized by the Christian Brothers, conducted from their Centre in Stellenbosch, together with a team of resource people.

The CB Centre will serve as a hub for the Sabbatical from where we go out to Immersion sites.


Engage! 6 programme is offered from

30th September -- 25th November 2018



1. Scripture Seminars (SS)

2. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
30-day Retreat

3. Eco Spirituality (ESp)

Modules vary in length and include site visits.

Participants are welcome to choose some or all modules. Modules are open to local participants who may not reside at the Centre or do the full Sabbatical.   Those who do not want to do CPE can opt for a 30-day Ignatian Retreat.

Accommodation at the Centre is in individual
en-suite rooms.

The Sabbatical will afford participants ample personal time, shared group activities and the opportunity to meet with local people.

Info Pack 

For more information or any queries please e-mail us at cbcstel@gmail.com and we will e-mail you an Information Pack with information pages and flyers on all the modules, programme outline, prices, etc.